Sense the Wind

a documentary by Christine Knowlton

SF crew

Sengil Inkiala, Nancy Jadoing and Ken Legler
Phil Kum ducking the boom in SF
Nancy Jadoin on Courageous Sailing ramp
Tight rounding at a mark

Filmmaker’s Thoughts

Sometimes the best things are found unexpectedly. While attending a collegiate awards dinner with my daughter, I watched a slide presentation on adaptive sailing given by Betsy Alison, the US Sailing Paralympic Head Coach. I was impressed how these challenged individuals skillfully raced regardless of disability and, was especially intrigued by a brief mention of blind sailing. A light bulb switched on in my head. From that moment, I was driven to explore, to understand and bring to light this unique sport and the efforts of these persevering athletes.

Project Advisors, Betsy Alison, the US Sailing Paralympic Head Coach, and Arthur O’Neill of the Carroll Center Sailblind Program, have been generous and invaluable resources. Buttons Padin joined the team to provide invaluable marketing and fundraising assistance. Many others generously offered valuable feedback, assistance and support. Our notable Advisory Partner organizations who share our mission will take the film to their communities.

Since beginning in 2009, the film production has taken me on many journeys with these individuals: from coast to coast, on and off boats, from starting lines to finish lines, into their homes and work. Nancy, Inky, Matt and Philip became my personal guides into the blind sailing community. Numerous blind and sighted sailors, coaches, staff and volunteers also became enthusiastic participants. Eager for their stories to be shared, these blind sailors granted open access and, on occasion, even provided a guest bed. What has been discovered over these years working on SENSE THE WIND has more widely opened my own eyes and heart, while enriching life with a more diverse circle of friends.

— Christine Knowlton, Producer

Advisory Partners

Carroll Center SailBlind Program
US Sailing Association
IFDS, International Federation of Disabled Sailing
BSI, Blind Sailing International
ACB, American Council of the Blind
BSCB, Bay State Council of the Blind
AFB, American Foundation for the Blind
NFB, National Federation of the Blind
Lions Center for the Blind
Tufts Medical Center

Sailing Event Locations

Courageous Sailing Center, Boston, MA
Sail Newport, Newport, RI
Island Yacht Club, Alameda, CA
Treasure Island Sailing Center, San Francisco, CA
Seabornia Yacht Club, Miura City, Japan