Sense the Wind

a documentary by Christine Knowlton


To purchase a Preview DVD, simply click the PayPal button and donate $25. The price for foreign purchases will be higher and depend on shipping costs.

This special DVD includes Video Description and Closed Captions for disabled viewers. It will be promptly Priority mailed once payment is processed and your postal address is emailed using our contact page form. Please note that individual purchases for private use are only available at this time.

Sense The Wind is currently in the preview distribution pitching phase and is not released yet to the public. The DVDs are for private viewing, not to show to groups, at clubs, schools or by organzations. We are gradually rolling the film out and into outreach. We look forward to sharing the film with you!

Support the Film

Please support the Outreach efforts to take Sense the Wind into diverse communities across the globe. Every dollar helps, no contribution is too small. Contributions may be made directly with personal checks, through PayPal or, as a fully tax deductible donation through Fractured Atlas, the project's non-profit Fiscal Sponsor. Standard administrative fees will be deducted from any donation made though PayPal or Fractured Atlas.

To discuss how you can help in more detail, please go to the contact page and send an inquiry. We would love to hear your feedback, suggestions or referrals. Get involved. Together, let's make a difference!

SENSE THE WIND is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of SENSE THE WIND must be made payable to "Fractured Atlas" and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Fractured Atlas online donations over $5,000. may be made through multiple transactions.

If sending a check for a non-tax exempt donation, please make it payable to "Sense the Wind" and mail directly to: Christine Knowlton, Sense the Wind, 11 Marisa Court, Montrose, NY, 10548. Your contribution will directly support the completion of Sense the Wind. Tax-deductible donation checks must be made to "Fractured Atlas". Be sure to include your mailing address so that we may send a letter thanking you and confirming your generous donation.


If you want to get more involved or, know someone who may be interested in funding, Sponsorship, Distribution or hosting screenings of Sense the Wind, we would love to hear from you! Please share the film links and spread the word about this uplifting documentary. The possibilities are endless...

Check back periodically for updates and to hear of any future events or screenings in your area. Or, simply click on the contact link describing your interest and we'll keep you up to date with the latest news and when the film is publicly released and available on VOD and Blue Ray.


The Carroll Center for the Blind
Perkins School for the Blind
Bay State Council for the Blind
Marin Sailing School
Eastern American Assoc of Certified Orthoptists
Lyn and Peggy Comfort
Mark E. Carbone Educational Foundation
Amy Carbone
Lent Family Foundation
Mark Lepselter
The Mauro Charitable Family Trust
Michael Wind
Arthur Aidala
Joseph Crivelli
Nicole & Christopher Ketchen
William T. Colgan
Steve & Heidi West
Jerry Jacobik
Will Blodgett & Carolyn A. Sussman
James & Betsy Giordano
Tom and Andrea Carbone
Tom Penney
Tom & Pam Bator
David Smalley
Carl Olsson
Richard & Anne duMoulin Foundation
Senet Bischoff
Jan Smeets
Richard & Dorothy McCarthy
Steven & Tricia Leicht
Richard Beck
Dix Poppas
Howard McMichael
Collamore Crocker
Robert & Lynn Hughes
Christopher & Val Allen
Edward & Lucy Yocum
Robert Snedeker
William & Julia Blanchard
Kenneth Murphy
Peter Benedetto II
Mike Bruno
Duncan Hennes
James Callahan
Barry Gold
Peter Duncan
Ed Padin
Dr. Carl Olsson
Carroll Wetzel
Eva Spelman
Elizabeth Kelly
Carroll Wetzel
Mary Pat Ryan
Louisa Knowles
Gay Ben Tre
Ellen Winsor
Jemma Craig
Bill Rapp
Jane Carey
Howard Balloch
John & Karen Gray
Terry Allen & Michael Lanza
Pebbles Wadsworth
Eugene & Stacey Mihaly
Ken Neuman
Pete Flood
Joan Hall
Al McKibbon
Danette Davis
Susie Matthews
Mavis Stamm
Shelley Klein
Jill Smith
Lisa Bowers
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Glenn Boivin
Nicholas & Marjorie Greville
Christoff & Sylvia Westphal
Rauch Rainoff Foundation
Tom Penney
Cela Hobbs
Geoff & Dottie Jenkins
Arthur & Heidi Huguley
Susan Willman & Pat O'Brian
Dick & Jenny Liddle
Katie Larson
Richard Kronenberg
Harvey Weiss
Dan Kwong
Peter & Rachel Rosenbaum 
Matt Chao
Bill Rapp
Mike Dinning
Bruce Howell
Sara Eisenman
Ken Mistove
James Connors
Christopher R. Ketchen
Vince Casalaina
Norma Davidoff
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Louisa Knowles